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Mindful Breathing Posters | Coping Skills For Young Students| Calm Corner Decor

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About This Product

These simple breathing strategies will help introduce mindfulness as an effective coping skill for little ones! Mindful breathing exercises are great at showing your little ones how to calm down racing thoughts and slow down racing hearts. These half-sheet posters can be printed or used digitally!

One way I like to use them is for guided meditation... ex: "As you trace the cloud think of all the things you love to do outside, think of the people you love to play with, think of the sky and the clouds, birds flying the sky, all of the pretty flowers on the ground.. etc." Children love using their imagination! This makes it a perfect opportunity to refocus, calm down, and practice some good coping strategies!

Be sure to check out my store for resources focused on social emotional learning and mindfulness for little ones!

These resources are great for classroom teachers, school counselors, speech and language pathologists, special education teachers, and anyone who wants to teach their child/student/patient how to identify and cope with different emotions. Perfect for displays, direct lessons, or distance learning.

Please make sure to follow my store and leave a review! I would LOVE to see how you use this in your classroom. Make sure to tag @socializing.with.sprouts if you post any pictures on Insta!




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What's Included

The exercises included:

- Balloon Breaths

- Cloud Breaths

- Rainbow Breaths

- Scribble Breathing

- Lazy 8

- Lucky Star Breathing

- Snake Breathing

- Bumblebee Breaths

- Pizza Breaths

- Triangle Breathing

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