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Modified Spelling Activities,| Homophones List

An educational teaching resource from Socially Skilled Kids entitled Modified Spelling Activities,| Homophones List downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4





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About This Product

Modified Spelling Activities, Homophones List: A Teaching Resource

Designed especially for public school educators and homeschoolers, this resource targets learners who struggle with spelling. Customized to serve students unmet by traditional spelling programs, it provides engaging visual aids and structured guidance to help learners advance in their spelling abilities.

  • Built-In Scaffolding: Structured assistance is incorporated that gradually guides students from knowing little to becoming adept at spelling.
  • Cycle Of Repetition: With elements of continuity interwoven within the activities, regular practice could substantially improve a learner's ability to spell tricky words.
  • A-Z Word Lists: Comprehensive lists of homophonic words along with five bonus words supporting practice and challenge. The lists respect the significance of fourth-grade vocabulary range.

An interesting feature is the focus on common homophones in lieu of 'X' starting words, making this resource unique among others. This resource allows teachers flexibility for diverse application - be it whole class instruction or individualized attention within smaller groups or homework assignments extending learning beyond the classroom scenario.

Six Unique Activities Featured:

  1. "Letter Box Activity"
  2. "Trace It Activity" - Enhances word recognition skills along scribble competencies.
  3. "Challenging Words"
    Advanced component designed for meticulous reading practices utilizing story-making processes focusing on constructional procedures based on Homophone centered sentences.
Last but not least are components dedicated entirely towards assessments via "Spelling Checks". These sections analyze student growth over time providing a clear picture of improvement.
Note: This resource comes as an easy-to-use PDF file, designed specifically for fourth-grade classrooms or homeschooling settings functioning under the Special Education Resources framework. It caters to specific student needs while retaining engaging and fun-filled learning experience driving self-reliance abilities along with overall academic performance improvement. Truly a transformative addition to any educators' teaching toolkit!

What's Included

Included In This Set, Please Find: 30 Pages

Cover Page

Thank You

Invitation to The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources!}

✏️ Teacher's Spelling List 1 (10 Homophones)

Teacher's Spelling List 2 (10 Homophones)

✏️ Letter Box Visual

Letter Box Activity Directions

✏️ Activity 1: Letter Box Activity

Trace It Directions

✏️ Activity 2: Trace It Activity

Challenging Words Directions

✏️ Activity 3: Challenging Words Activity

On The Line Directions

✏️ Activity 4: On The Line Activity

Read and Write a Story Directions

✏️ Activity 5: Read and Write a Story

Spelling Check Directions

✏️ Activity 6: Spelling Check Activity

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