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About This Product

Move to Learn: A Comprehensive Educational Resource

Move to Learn is a comprehensive educational resource designed specifically for educators in both classroom and homeschool settings. This valuable kit offers a blend of physical education and academic lessons, engineered to optimize student's brain capacity and enhance learning outcomes.

Grounded in scientific studies that illustrate the positive impact of physical movement on cognitive capabilities, Move to Learn introduces an array of 33 games, all creatively tailored to engage students dynamically. It encourages active participation, fosters peer interaction, and promotes healthier classroom environment while simultaneously contributing towards the improvement of memory power and focus levels amongst learners.

Versatile Applications and Multi-Grade Approach

  • The exercises are highly adaptable spanning across several subject areas making them flexible in integration with existing curriculum plans or even as standalone sessions.
  • This tool is equipped with versatile applications meeting different teaching methods - whole-group instruction, small group engagement or even fun homework assignments.
  • Caters effectively to early intermediate level (Grade 2) extending up until Grade 6 delivering age-appropriate content for each tier.
  • The multi-grade approach allows educators to make progressive adjustments based on their student's developmental trajectory ensuring every child's needs are catered for individually.

User-Friendly Navigation

Packaged as a single PDF file under the Lesson Plans category within the P.E. & Health department along with Classroom Management resources for teachers section on - Move To Learn ensures easy accessibility and user-friendly navigation throughout its contents enabling quick planning for educators on-the-go.

In Summary...

If you're seeking out innovative instruments that bring joyous vitality into your teaching setting while augmenting academic aptitude - Move To Learn is one significant addition worth considering!

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