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Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x10

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x10

The Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x10 is a multifaceted teaching tool that supports students' development in multiplication skills, specifically focusing on the important mathematical concept of repeated addition. This 38-page PDF file masterfully intertwines visual and tactile learning styles, presenting information through clear diagrams and opportunity for hands-on manipulations using virtual cubes.

Grade Appropriateness

This resource meticulously follows the progression of multiplication learning and is suitable for grade 2 through grade 4 curriculums. It lays out key understandings in an uncluttered manner that eliminates confusion and guides learners to make logical connections without being overwhelmed.


The three distinct versions cater to varying student needs, allowing teachers to personalize their instruction according to individual students’ grasping power and progress pace.

Tactile Learning Support & Classroom Integration
  • Seamlessly adaptable across different teaching forums - whole class sessions or within small peer-groups structures
  • Promote adeptness in multiplication facts along with conceptual understanding rooted deeply in visible number relationships depicted via cubes representations
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  • Easily integrable into independent work periods or homework tasks maintaining child's interest high throughout lesson delivery
Additional Uses

Apart from solidifying understanding abstract math operations via concrete experiences they also provide additional advantages:

  • Can be used as interactive notebook entries or displayed on bulletin boards enhancing classroom environment simultaneously serving as ready handy content refreshers for pupils now & then over course till they transform into confident calculators all themselves!
  • Learners automatically improve upon fine motor skills and grasp basic geometry through cube manipulation
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    In essence Multiplication Repeated Addition Mats with Cubes x10 caters to mastering nuances individually thus advancing towards successfully attaining overall curriculum-based targets besides introducing learners to advanced academic landscapes.

    What's Included

    38-page PDF

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    multiplication repeated addition visual learning tactile learning hands-on manipulations

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