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My creation camera

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

My creation camera

The Creation Camera is a handicraft template for a teaching idea for the perception of God's creation and for the training of mindfulness. It is particularly suitable for religious education for the 1st to 4th grade of primary school.

Teaching Ideas

With this camera, I take a walk in nature at the beginning of my lesson on creation. The viewfinder lens restricts the view, which means that even the smallest details come into focus.
The students then record their discovery in writing on the worksheet.

Notes on making the camera

Apart from copying the material, no further preparation is necessary for the use of the creation camera.

Variant 1: Production with stencil
- Create a template using the template. Tip: A quick way to make the stencils is to laminate and cut out the template.
- The students transfer the template to cardboard (can also be prepared by the teacher in the class set.)
- Students decorate the box as they wish.

Variant 2: Copy template as cut-out sheet
- Students will receive a copy of the template on white or colored copy paper.
- Students design the template and stick it on cardboard before cutting it out.

Further crafting instructions for both variants:
- The students cut out the designed template. The circle with the scissors symbol is cut out.
- The lens is cut at the edge and then rolled up and glued together on the sides.
- The resulting roll is inserted through the hole of the camera and glued to the small adhesive surfaces on the back.
- The black dots are punched. A thread is pulled through the holes to hang the camera around.

The camera is ready for the journey of discovery into nature.

Best regards,

Your Relitante – Doreen Blumhagen

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