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My Biggest Worry Worksheet

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Anxiety can easily overwhelm children if fears and “what-ifs” grow too big in their heads. This creative visualization worksheet provides a launchpad for students to address their biggest worry in a manageable, step-by-step way. By externally analyzing concerns, rather than letting them snowball internally, kids reclaim control and perspective.

The worksheet guides stressed children to first identify one standout worry plaguing their thoughts. They illustrate what this concern “looks like” in their mind – maybe a monster under the bed or dark swirling cloud. Describing it visually externalizes the worry from emotion into a concept now on paper.

Students then examine two paths this worry could take at its worst and most likely outcomes. They draw their catastrophic envisioning of events if the worst were to happen. Contrastingly, they explain the realistic resolution based on past experiences and probability. This exercise illuminates how worries often play out better than the disastrous scenarios we imagine.

Finally, children list constructive actions they can take to address roots of the worry, preventing both best and worst case outcomes. Coping strategies like talking to trusted adults, contingency planning or controlling reactions empowers kids.

Allowing children to visually dump out, inspect and problem solve their biggest worry is immensely relieving, putting things into healthier perspective. This worksheet builds essential emotional management tools that alleviate anxiety now and better equip students to assess concerns rationally moving forward.

Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart

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