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New Year's Party Ten Frame Counting Clip Cards - EBOOK

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

New Year's Party Ten Frame Counting Clip Cards - EBOOK

An engaging teaching resource guaranteed to liven up any school or homeschool environment. This eBook delicately combines fun and exciting New Year’s party themed clip cards with the instructional value of ten-frame counting techniques.

Where Can it Be Used?

This versatile teaching tool proves valuable across a range of learning scenarios:

  • Individual morning work routine setup
  • Dynamic group exercises
  • Homework assignments


Suitable for children in kindergarten, preschool, and first grade.

Beyond Counting Skills...

In addition to enhancing counting skills, this interactive tool also helps to improve fine motor skills when learners are tasked with clipping clothespins onto correct answers.

Storage Made Easy

The cards and clips fit snugly into small plastic photo boxes which can be glued or taped on top. Conveniently included is a title card for easy labeling.

Fits Perfectly in Math Centers

Built for flexibility, these downloadable files can easily be used within math centers providing opportunities both practice independently or guide group interactions.

Promoting an Immersive Learning Experience!
The New Year's Party Ten Frame Counting Clip Cards provide a festive twist on foundational math concepts like ten-frame counting.
Nine Comprehensive Pages! Finally, nine comprehensive pages come populated by colorful pictures offering students enlightening visuals simplifying the process of understanding complex mathematical concepts.
This makes this educational tool entirely suitable for any New Year-themed math lessons!

What's Included

8 pages in PDF format

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New Year's party ten frame counting clip cards interactive learning math center

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