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NO Print Spring Garden Articulation - SH Ed Distance Learning

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About This Product

No Print Spring Garden Articulation - SH Ed Distance Learning Pack

This innovative teaching pack has been crafted with expertise to enrich the speech therapy sessions. Remarkably blending the essence of nature, it uses the metaphor of a spring garden to facilitate articulation practices.

Main Features:
  • Educational and Engaging: As students pronounce target words, they visualize shovel scooping dirt into pots; when using phrases, they see soil getting seeded; and as sentences are constructed successfully, flowers grow in their garden.
  • Comprehensive Content: Our pack offers 24 targets per initial (beginning), medial (middle), or final(finish) position of words. Hence giving ample scope to practice different stages of word formation.
  • Fun Elements: Games such as I spy... along with scenes for every set of words are included which aid in structured conversation or storytelling sessions – practically providing a break from continuous studies for your group.
Tailored Interactivity & User-friendliness:

The interactivity ensures active student involvement throughout each session while user-friendliness makes navigation through this tool quick thus saving more time for actual practice.

This product accommodates multiple scenarios like:
  • Whole group lectures where everyone can learn together
  • ,
  • Small group activities enabling focused attention on specific learners who need extra help
  • ,
  • A great resource as homework assignments thus letting students refine their skills privately
  • .
Suitability Across Grades and Special Resources:
It encompasses grades from Kindergarten right up to Grade 6 not limiting its potential just for speech therapy but all special resources. All these come compactly within an easily downloadable PDF making No Print Spring Garden Articulation - SH Ed Distance Learning Pack a perfect blend of convenience, effectiveness, and fun!

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

8 target words for the initial position of words

8 target words for the medial position of words

8 target words for the final position of words

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articulation speech therapy distance learning interactive nature-themed

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