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NO PRINT Back to School Language FREEBIE for Distance Learning

An educational teaching resource from Intrepid Speech Therapy Materials entitled NO PRINT Back to School Language FREEBIE for Distance Learning downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

NO PRINT Back to School Language FREEBIE for Distance Learning: A Comprehensive Language Resource for Educators

Addressing a cross-section of language skills can present substantial challenges, irrespective of the learning environment. Recognizing this, the NO PRINT Back to School Language FREEBIE for Distance Learning was designed as an effective teaching resource that speaks directly to these requirements. The beauty of this product lies in its universality; it's not grade-specific thus offering versatility for teachers.

This free sample version showcases eight meticulously-compiled pages with prepositions as the focus area. These materials serve an excellent introduction and provide a snapshot into the full-scale capabilities and benefits offered by the complete NO PRINT Back to School Language Pack.

List of features:
  • The activities in this sampler allow students to understand prepositions in an engaging format suitable for distance learning models.
  • Teachers are empowered by having well-structured resources they can use within different configurations - whole group lessons, small tutorial groups or even individual homework assignments.

While its use isn't confined solely to distance education, it's particularly useful within that context where traditional teaching practices may need alterations. Teachers bolting together curriculums on platforms like Zoom will appreciate how seamlessly these activities dovetail into their broader program.


The product comes conveniently as a PDF file packed with images and visuals designed specifically for each activity featured in this product; which means easy integration across digital platforms and devices.

In special resource classes such as Speech Therapy:

List of benefits:
  • This comprehensive presentation tool comes very handy for educators facilitating discussions or explaining concepts efficiently even at distance
In Summary,

No PRINT Back to School Language FREEBIE is much more than just a throwaway supplement - it’s an invaluable tool that brings reliability and adaptability right when it’s needed most by educators designing curriculums whether they be homeschoolers or public school teachers confronted with adaptive challenges of providing quality education remotely.

What's Included

PDF File compiled with images and activity visuals for the lesson.

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