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Back to School Gameboards FREEBIE for Distance Learning

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About This Product

Back to School Gameboards FREEBIE for Distance Learning

An excellent resource available for any educators' toolkit, offering flexibility across grade levels and subjects. It's designed with special emphasis on interactive methods of learning that engage students and enhances their communication skills.

PDF File - Three Vibrant Gameboards

This gameboard collection, although centered around back-to-school themes, is an excellent tool for easing students into academic activities after long breaks. The dual functionality of these gameboards makes them appropriate not only for traditional classrooms but also for online learning spaces.

Usage in Group Instruction and Pair Work

  • Whole group instruction: Teachers can guide students collectively through the course of the game while facilitating educational discussions or activity feedback.
  • Small groups or pairs: These settings allow students to partake actively in conversations or collaborative tasks associated with gameplay mechanics. This interaction promotes improved social skills among peers.

Potential Homework Assignments

This teaching aid could be a fun way to reinforce lessons taught at school when given as homework assignments, promoting independent thinking and making education enjoyable from home too!

Note: This freebie is one among several other 'Back-to-School" no-print resources available on our website. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate our Back-To-School Gameboard into your teaching strategies – rest assured it lends strength to your noble effort! .

What's Included

PDF File compiled with images/activities for the lesson.

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