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NO PRINT Capturing Categories Speech Therapy Activities

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About This Product

NO PRINT Capturing Categories Speech Therapy Activities

An interactive and user-friendly resource, NO PRINT Capturing Categories Speech Therapy Activities offers a fun and engaging approach to teaching categories. This product targets key communication skills using an innovative method that appeals to preschoolers and lower elementary students.

About The Product

The core idea of the product revolves around the character of Kaia who is capturing photographs. She requires help with divergent naming (identifying her images) and convergent naming (sorting them into appropriate albums). Learners are presented with extra challenges as they have to identify which pictures have not been classified correctly.

Versatility of Use

This product has been designed for seamless transition between virtual classrooms and physical settings. It works perfectly on iPads or SMARTBoards in traditional educational settings, as well as effective for homeschooling or digital learning environments.

Bonus Features

  • The product includes a bonus Photo Shoot game! This reinforcement game allows students to interact by making personal choices related to photography theme.
  • User-friendly navigation: Buttons accompany each page - home button takes you back to the start; next button moves you forward; while clicking back returns you one step backward.

Pack Contents:

  • 20 pages dedicated each to divergent categories, convergent categories,
  • 20 pages focused on what does not belong,
  • Bonus photo shoot game!

Note: Upon purchase confirmation, all these resources will be available instantly in digital form as a PDF file type. Specifically catered towards Preschool through Grade 2 pupils under Special Resources like Speech Therapy activities category type this resource marries quality education strategy with modern technology.


If you have any questions pre-existing before purchase, please ensure they are adequately resolved. This resource is recommended for educators who are motivated towards providing quality learning experiences across platforms, may it be conventional schooling or homeschooling set-ups. The resource stands apart in terms of functionality and user-friendliness!

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

20 pages of divergent categories

20 pages of convergent categories

20 pages of what doesn't belong

BONUS GAME Photo Shoot

Resource Tags

speech therapy categories divergent naming convergent naming interactive learning

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