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NO PRINT Gamer-ticulation Digital Dots and Boxes Articulation

NO PRINT Gamer-ticulation Digital Dots and Boxes Articulation
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About This Product

NO PRINT Gamer-ticulation Digital Dots and Boxes Articulation

The NO PRINT Gamer-ticulation Digital Dots and Boxes Articulation excels as a teaching tool for educators eager to engage older students in intensive speech therapy sessions. This interactive PDF game relies on an appealing video-gamer theme and the all familiar dots-and-boxes format adored by students, ensuring high-intensity, fun-filled articulation practices.

In spite of being a digital product, it emanates the charm of navigating an old-fashioned pencil-and-paper game. Players employ annotation tools for drawing lines between the dots while simultaneously speaking targeted words as per their individual phonemes. The outcome is an enthralling synergy of learning and play that can easily pull off 100+ trials in one session.

  • This resource allows for 51 target words for initial, medial, and final positions with 13 different phoneme options offered per board—ensuring huge variety!
  • Perfect for whole classrooms or individualized speech therapy sessions on small groups or even single individuals; its digital form factor ensures easy integration within homework assignments as well.

Beyond the basic interaction aspects via annotation tools, it also offers customizability elements: Facilitators can personalize this interactive experience by typing in winner’s names at endgame or incorporating focus-target words on blank board games using fillable blanks within each file—thus providing flexibility according to learner requirements.

Suitable from Fourth Grade onwards till Twelfth Grade

Adequate range from fourth grade onwards till twelfth grade makes this tool effective across broader academic spectrum particularly focusing on higher grades where engagement compounded with productivity is critical towards effective learning outcomes not only in Speech Therapy but other Special Learning Resources requirements as well, thus offering substantial utility via game-type learning resources accessible through simple PDF files.

Indispensable for Progressive Education

All these benefits consolidated render the NO PRINT Gamer-ticulation Digital Dots and Boxes Articulation resource to be not only useful but indispensable for every progressive educator who desires to diversify their teaching toolbox.

What's Included

What makes this resource interactive?

Use Annotation Tools to play the game*

Use Annotation Tools to check off words*

Fillable blank to type in Winner's Name

Fillable blank to add target words on BLANK board game

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