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NO PRINT Halloween Costume Party Descriptions for Distance Learning



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About This Product

You know that dreaded goal...."So-in-so will name 5 attributes of an object in 4/5 trials." or "So-in-so will use descriptives in complete, grammatically correct sentences." This SUPER FUN digital resource will provide a nice assortment of activities for identifyingnaming, and labeling attributes of Halloween costumes. This NO PRINT has real-life application during the Fall season as students do their very best to describe the costume they will wear for Trick or Treating, but lack sufficient vocabulary to give the full, glorious picture.

Please ask any questions you may have before purchasing.

What's Included

Included in this Attribute Assortment:

20 Descriptives: Identify a Costume Based on Descriptive

20 Costumes: Name 6 Attributes (FILLABLE FORMS)

20 Stories: Complete Mini-Stories with Attributes/Descriptives (5-8 for all 20 Costumes - FILLABLE FORMS)

What makes this interactive and user-friendly?

Easy navigation with clickable buttons

Clickable selections

Fillable boxes for descriptors

Use "Comment Tool" for Annotation

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