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NO PRINT Mapping Out Language Functional Life Skills Washington DC

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About This Product

Product title: NO PRINT Mapping Out Language Functional Life Skills - Washington DC

If you're an educator looking for a way to infuse more life skills into your middle or high school curriculum, the NO PRINT Mapping Out Language Functional Life Skills in Washington DC just might prove incredibly useful. This teaching tool is specially designed to capture student attention but also enhances their memory, verbal expression, executive function, semantic reasoning and auditory comprehension.

This interactive teaching resource comes as an elegantly designed 5-page PDF file. It offers real-life scenarios where students need to apply their knowledge through:

  • Fillable blanks for writing answers.
  • Checkable boxes to tick off activities completed.
Even more so, it lets educators provide feedback directly on the PDF using Adobe Reader Comment Tool or Platform Tools – a feature useful whether teaching whole classes or small groups.

Teletherapy Ready? Absolutely!

This product doesn't fall short when it comes to incorporating teletherapy techniques. Educators can:
  1. Pair this interactive PDF with Apple Maps or Google Maps opened in split-screen mode.
  2. Easily screen-share just a part of the computer screen that displays this resource and allows interaction directly from there - ideal for virtual learning sessions.
In addition to these features, plenty of interesting exercises come built within its 5 insightful pages. These include:
  • A location finding exercise for enhanced student attention
  • .
  • Inferential thinking lessons and verbal fluency exercises combined with sequential thinking exercises + sprinklings of convergent naming exercise intermittently introduced into the mix- epic tools needed effectively develop deductive reasoning!
  • .
It does dwell on improving decision-making skills, prioritizing environments and enhancing verbal expression all providing key components for diversified yet equal opportunity learning experiences. The NO PRINT Mapping Out Language Functional Life Skills Washington DC tool is a game changer especially if you're catering to grades 6 through 12 or conducting special courses like Speech Therapy. This resource certainly uplifts any educational repertoire in a classroom or homeschool setting.

What's Included

Example Activities Included in your 5 Pages:

Find Location

Time Estimation*

Time Management

Location Activity for Attention to Screen

Suggestions for Divided Attention

Inferential Thinking

Verbal Fluency

Qualitative Reasoning

Sequential Thinking

Convergent Naming

Deductive Reasoning

Divergent Thinking

Decision Making


Verbal Expression

Following Directions/Comprehension

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