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NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - S Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - S Edition for Distance Learning

The "NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - S Edition for Distance Learning" is an interactive, user-friendly resource designed to engage students in articulation practice. The pack creates a unique learning experience by synergizing articulatory skills with visual stimuli and motivation.

Main Focus and Features

Primarily focused on teaching the /s/ sound, this pack enables learners to enter into a captivating educational journey. As each student continues their successful speech practice progression, they witness an animated cornfield scene unfolding, crows landing on the cornstalks and finally, a scarecrow being assembled to shoo away this avian ascendancy.

  • Incorporating three stages of articulatory development within its lesson plans—single words, phrases and silly sentences—this edition has been structured around eight fall-related words per word position of sound for thorough practice opportunities.
  • This totals up to 24 targets for each initial, medial and final position of words.
  • A fun interactive element at its culmination involves student clicking on their created scarecrow making it scatter hallucinated crows away in flight as part of a final rewarding game.
  • Navigational Features such as 'home' button that returns users back to the main page while another 'next' button carries them through their articulation journey are included too!

Clinically Relevant Tools For All Grade Brackets For Home Usage

Premade activities include:

  1. Suitable not only regular school instructors but also supplementary caregivers such as special education teachers or homeschoolers seeking appropriate tools.
  2. Available in pdf format for ease of sharing right after purchase.

Total Targets : 32 "8 each dedicated towards initial word positions; medial positions; final positions along with specially directed /s/ blends."

The NO PRINT Scare The Crows Articulation - S Edition is a comprehensive education resource integrating effective teaching strategies with digital technology, making articulation learning an engaging and intuitive experience for every student.

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

8 targets for the initial position of words

8 targets for the medial position of words

8 targets for the final position of words

8 targets for /s/ blends

Resource Tags

Interactive Articulation practice Visual stimuli Motivation Speech therapy

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