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NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - L Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

NO PRINT Scare the Crows Articulation - L Edition for Distance Learning

This is an engaging and informative resource intended to enhance students’ speech therapy skills. It is suitable for all grades and ideal for distance learning.

About the Pack:

The L edition pack provides students with opportunities to improve their pronunciation amidst a fun, interactive storyline about crows landing on cornstalks and being scared away by scarecrows.

  • Students will work on 8 fall-related words per word position (initial, medial, and final). This amounts to 24 total targets for each sound placed within words.
  • This pack contains phrases and sentences designed specifically with multiple target sounds in them."Learning through play"

FLEXIBLE Leaning Material:

The resource can be used in several ways such as whole group activities led by the teacher or small group exercises where learners work together. It’s also perfect as assigned homework allowing independent exploration of content. Boardering both simplicity & utility our product facilitates page-by-page navigation aided robustly through swift actions rendered by user-friendly buttons!


In this particular edition attention has been given to include targets specific to L blends enhancing pronunciation articulation significantly.

Any queries should be clarified prior purchase ensuring value addition upon acquisition of our dynamic product! Your teaching journey made easy with a comprehensive & straight-forward single PDF package..

What's Included

This pack contains the following:

8 targets for the initial position of words

8 targets for the medial position of words

8 targets for the final position of words

8 targets for /l/ blends

Resource Tags

speech therapy distance learning articulation practice NO PRINT activities fall vocabulary

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