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Non-Fiction Early Reader: Pine Trees Unit

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Non-Fiction Early Reader: Pine Trees Unit

Engaging children in learning and enhancing their reading proficiency, the Non-Fiction Early Reader: Pine Trees Unit is an ideal teaching tool for educators who seek to build their students' competence in non-fiction text. Authentic photographs employed within the text lend realism and stir curiosity among new readers. The units are designed for young learners from grades 1 through 4, with a specific focus on language arts and reading skills.

Educational Design & Supplementary Materials

Designed thoughtfully by experienced educators, this product includes teacher guides loaded with themed words, comprehension queries, and vital reading tips. The package also brings additional support materials such as:

  • Worksheets
  • Posters
  • Tracking sheets to assist in the learning process.

Versatility & Resource Integration

The Non-Fiction Early Reader: Pine Trees Unit takes into consideration different guided Reading Levels (J through S), Lexile Levels (450L-699L & 875L-925L), and DRA Levels (16-18 & 40-50). This extends its feasibility across various student aptitude levels ensuring no child is left behind!

Pedagogical Applications & Parental Involvement

This comprehensive resource pack allows for diverse ways of integration into your teaching plan - it can be used in whole class settings where everyone reads together or small groups that facilitate more specific guidance. Teachers may also consider using it as daily home assignments associated with a relevant section from the booklet.

The ABC’s of Helping Your Child Read Non-Fiction,a parent handout included allows parents to contribute to their child's reading adventures!

Learner Engagement & Progress Tracking

To foster student engagement, the pack comprises of separate word strips with pictures and definitions for easy incorporation in classroom word walls. The inclusion of a reading chart motivating young readers, tracks the progress of students effectively.

Expansion Beyond Classroom

The Non-Fiction Early Reader: Pine Trees Unit, an ensemble resource aimed at fostering a love for learning and nurturing proficient readers right from their early education, is comprehensive yet manageable. With 85 pages full of instructive content in PDF format,, it creates an explorative space to decode non-fiction texts focused around Pine Trees - inviting children into a unique world of winter wonders!

What's Included

85-page PDF

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