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Number & Operations: Counting & Ordering Objects - Learn the Skill - PC Software

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Counting & Ordering Objects - Learn the Skill - PC Software

An excellent teaching resource designed to enhance comprehension of 'Counting' and 'Ordering Objects' concepts under the 'Number and Operations'. This user-friendly software offers practical, real-world word problems, facilitating a deeper understanding of these essential mathematical ideas.

Key Features:
  • Accessibility: Default English voice over assistance with text support. Spanish voiceover integration acknowledging our multicultural context.
  • Versatility: Suited for whole group lessons, peer-guided small study groups or independent work like homework assignments. Provides a flexible approach adaptable to various teaching requirements.
Ideal For:
  • Learners in the early education years (Preschool-Grade 2) studying Math under Numbers category due to its interactive functions.
  • Homeschoolers looking for well-rounded lesson plans.

Achieving Benchmarks Effortlessly

The Number & Operations: Counting & Ordering Objects - Learn The Skill - PC Software adeptly aligns with established benchmarks like Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It’s incredibly useful for educators striving for these goals within cornerstone subjects such as Mathematics while incoporating STEM initiatives– all compiled meticulously according to National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics (NCTM) guidelines.

User-friendly Access Method

The software can be easily accessed by downloading it from its single zip file format onto your personal computer, ensuring educational resources are just a click away whenever required. This accessibility promotes effective teaching across schools or individual classes without geographical barriers hindering quality education delivery.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC Software

Resource Tags

numbers digital math counting ordering objects operations

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