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Number & Operations: Counting & Ordering Objects - PC Software

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Counting & Ordering Objects - PC Software

This is a comprehensive tool designed for educators focusing on subjects like counting, ordering objects, and a broader scope of number operations. This resource is valuable for teachers at the preschool, kindergarten, G1, and G2 levels..

Real-World Application Methods & Lesson Plans:

The teaching aid integrates practical methods and offers specially crafted lesson plans that make learners confident in numerical abilities. It further includes mathematical tools to supplement these lessons.

Focused Learning Activities:

  • The software incorporates memory match games and spinner games to keep students engaged while learning math concepts.
  • Timed Drill activities: Integral for regular assessment of progress.
  • SMART Response techniques:This helps show students areas needing improvement setting refocusing points for their efforts.
Inclusive Language Support & Hands-on Tools:
The software provides English voiceover and text as well as Spanish alternatives. Also available are physical printable resources when needed in the classroom or homework assignments. The whole package comes in an easy downloadable zip file compatible with PCs - enabling more time focus on enhancing math curriculum objectives.

Note: This resource can be effectively deployed in any size of educational context—whether it be large scale classes or individualized instruction sessions at home leading to insightful learning experiences. e

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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