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Number & Operations: Decimals - Addition & Subtraction - Learn the Skill - FLASH-PC

Number & Operations: Decimals - Addition & Subtraction - Learn the Skill - FLASH-PC
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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Decimals - Addition & Subtraction - Learn the Skill - FLASH PC

This product is an exemplary teaching resource, designed to educate students in grades 3-5 on the quintessential skills of adding and subtracting decimals, a critical component in Number and Operations of Math.

About The Product:

  • The product provides a comprehensive chapter mini that presents curriculum-based content in a user-friendly format primarily focusing on real-world word problems to reinforce practical learning experiences.
  • In addition to conventional teaching methods, it consists of supportive math tools that help teachers and homeschoolers intensify the learning objectives using interactive components.
  • To ensure no learner is left behind due to language constraints, this tool not only offers English voice over and text but also Spanish equivalents thus making itself universally accessible.

  • Educational Standards Alignment:

    • The educational content snugly aligns with internationally accredited standards hence confidently meeting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) demands.

    Favoring STEM Initiatives:

    • Beyond aligning with CCSS, this technology-enhanced tool supports STEM initiatives by constructing its detailed content according to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), thereby ensuring holistic coverage from every angle.

    This product takes the form as software for PCs—accentuating usability by adapting user-friendly digital implementation bearing today's technological ambiance into consideration. Its flexibility enables use as part of whole-group instruction or division into smaller study circles or even assignment as individual homework tasks—an absolute fit for every teaching strategy. In summary; Number & Operations: Decimals - Addition & Subtraction - Learn the Skill amalgamates engaging curriculum content with an intuitive digital platform—the essential companion for successful academic progression for learners within grades 3-5.

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