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Number & Operations: Fractions - FLASH-MAC

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Number & Operations: Fractions - FLASH-MAC downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 1, 2

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Fractions - FLASH-MAC

This educational resource is a comprehensive teaching tool designed to simplify the concept of fractions in number and operations for first and second-grade students. This essential teaching aid comes packed with research-based, grade-appropriate content that supports math learning in an engaging manner.

A Rounded Approach to Learning

Employing an intricately rounded approach to learning, the resource encapsulates multiple facets including:

  • a pre-assessment segment,
  • rich lesson plan,
  • practice exercises with real-world word problems,
  • and time-constrained drill activities.

Each segment aims at providing learners with a thorough understanding of critical mathematical concepts while fostering their problem-solving skills.

Creative Inclusions & Diverse Needs catered too...

Beyond just instruction-dependent resources, this package includes printable material for hands-on activities. Students will find enjoyment while reinforcing their knowledge through creative inclusions such as a memory match game, board game and spinner game.
Additionally mindful of the diverse needs of today’s classrooms or homeschool environments; the product features options for English text along with voice over support not just in English but also Spanish.

The Crowning Feature...

The crowning feature of this resource is arguably its inclusion of SMART Response assessment tools which make it simpler than ever for educators to monitor student progress.
Compatible with Mac operating systems; educators have unprecedented flexibility regarding how they implement this resource – be it relayed during whole groups sessions as part of instructed lessons or used by smaller groups working independently or even assigned as individual homework tasks to consolidate classroom teachings at home.

In essence, Numer & Operations: Fractions - FLASH-MAC is not just another addition to your curriculum—it's more like adding streamlining power into your teaching repertoire. This blazes the trail for individualized, streamlined learning experiences that resonate soundly with diverse cohorts of first and second-grade students.

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