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Number & Operations: Fractions - FLASH-PC

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Grade 1, 2

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About This Product

Number & Operations: Fractions - FLASH-PC

This teaching resource, Number & Operations: Fractions - FLASH-PC, has been specifically designed with 1st and 2nd-grade students in mind. A comprehensive learning tool, it presents an interactive approach that’s compatible with PC software.

Main Features:

  • Pre-assessment: Starts off by gauging the existing knowledge of students on fractions.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Plan: Development around curriculum-based content for familiarity and seamless integration into existing plans.
  • Fractions in Everyday Life:
  • Real-world word problems introduced to make math relatable.

Focusing on Practice:

The resource incorporates timed drill activities challenging the learners while making practice fun. Tools included within this resource facilitate practical learning by engaging hands-on activities.

Aid for Educators:

Included is a guide offering valuable tips for effective utilization of these resources. It provides insights into common challenges encountered during fraction lessons along with pre-emptive solutions to possible problems that could arise during instruction.

Diverse Interactive Learning Approaches:

To keep students engaged, game-based features like memory match games, board games, along with spinner games are embedded within the system. They create exciting study sessions stimulating critical thinking necessary when dealing with numeric operations thus fostering deep understanding and lasting memories among learners.
Moreover,Ffor educators targeting diverse classrooms or Spanish language proficient learners , this product comes bilingual-ready substantiated with English voice over text feature breezed up alongside an option for Spanish translation thus presenting usability versatility at its finest juncture!

. Meticulous Monitoring System:: An essential part includes a SMART Response assessment system enabling educators to actively monitor student understanding and adjust teaching strategies as necessary. It is usable during both whole group lessons, small group sessions, or even as homework assignment aids hence offering substantial value in versatile educational settings.

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