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Number & Operations: Place Value & Data Sets - FLASH-PC

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Place Value


Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

<h3>Number & Operations: Place Value & Data Sets - FLASH-PC</h3>

<p>The Number & Operations: Place Value & Data Sets - FLASH-PC is a comprehensive educational resource focusing on Mathematics. It features an in-depth study of place value and is designed for Grade 6 to Grade 8 students. This tool can be integrated seamlessly into homeschooling routines or traditional school classes.</p>

<b><i>"Whys" Behind The Software:</b></i>
<p>- Apprehending challenging topics like Number and Operations made simpler.
   - Delivers curriculum-based content as thorough lessons
   - Embeds real-world word problems fostering critical thinking.</p/>
<b><i>"Whats" Within The Software:</b></i>
  • An initial student pre-assessment for lesson tailoring based on prior knowledge.
  • Follow-up activities with timed drills to enhance speed and subject retention
  • Versatile usage options serving well large group instruction, cooperative learning, or individualized study plans.
"Hows" Of Implementing The Software:
  • Lively games providing hands-on exercises while also enhancing mathematical skills.
  • A teachers guide that provides easy direction when using the software modules.
  • Printable items acting as additional resources at your fingertips!

The software has both English default voiceover/text and optional Spanish voiceover/text versions making it a useful tool in diverse classroom settings or multilingual homes. Furthermore, inclusion of SMART Response assessment segment makes progress tracking easy and immediate for educator.</p> <br> <p>Above all, Number & Operations: Place Value & Data Sets - FLASH-PC is a unique blend of simplicity and effectiveness in teaching Mathematics. It excels at enhancing students' learning across various educational setups!</p>

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