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Number & Operations: Rational Numbers - FLASH-PC

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Grade 6, 7, 8

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Number & Operations: Rational Numbers - FLASH-PC

An educational software that cultivates and develops students' insights on rational numbers within the subject area of Number and Operations. With this tool, grade 6 to 8 students studying Math will find mastery a smaller challenge, particularly in Statistics.

This resource offers curriculum-aligned content in an inclusive yet concise manner. It features:

  • Pre-assessment segment: Allows teachers to gauge students’ pre-existing understanding of the topic thereby allowing personalised instruction based on individual learning needs.
  • Detailed lesson plan: Assists educators in providing comprehensive tuition.
  • Real-world word problems: Gives chances for students to implement theoretical knowledge into practicable scenarios; initiative aimed at significantly enhancing problem-solving techniques.
  • Timed drill activities: Further augment mathematical competency while fostering speed and accuracy during assessments or examinations.

Instructor-friendly tools are also provided such as an orderly teacher guide with printable materials available for supplementary practice or home use.

The exciting aspects of technology are leveraged to further engage pupils via fun resources including memory match games, board games, and spinner games with educational benefits. Assessments can be conveniently conducted through SMART Response elements embedded in the software—a reliable way intended for closely tracking student progress throughout their encounter with rational numbers under Number & Operation studies. Considerably notable—it includes English text delivery by default but also accommodates Spanish-speaking learners through its Spanish vocal delivery option–an addition made intending inclusivity without compromising content quality. The software can be used as a whole class resource; but its pivot sections allow it useful for smaller group work or individual practices.

The product is ready to assist both educators and students in mastering rational numbers' comprehension and operations.

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