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Strengthen Numeracy Skills with the Number and Quantity Custom Cards | Color Trace | Present .

If you are an educator focused on enhancing your students' numeracy skills, consider the Number and Quantity Custom Cards | Color Trace | Present teaching resource . Aimed at preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 students, it effectively simplifies understanding number symbols and their quantities .

The cards are available in two sets - perfect for coloring or tracing by the student or teacher themselves . Each set features numbers 1 through 10 along with matching quantities - a fine blend of visual aids with touch - based activities for multisensory learning .

Diverse Ways to Use these Cards .

  • Custom - made books for independent study or paired learning .

  • Brighten up a bulletin board while reinforcing math concepts .

  • Convert into posters to turn classroom walls into immense learning boards .

  • Morning task cards or small group activities during school time .

Note : These resources also serve as interesting homework assignments during weekends or holiday periods !

Paring Physical Math Manipulatives .

To boost numeracy understanding further, consider pairing these A4 - sized cards with tangible math manipulatives like cubes or play bricks . This approach allows learners to establish real - world connections between numeric values and physical counts – enhancing overall mathematical proficiency !

Variety of Interesting Themes Available .

Catering to various interests of young learners, choose from many engaging themes like boats, dinosaurs, spacecrafts buses UFOs etc.

Finally, the goal of this resource isn't limited to mastering numerical facts only; it is about fostering creativity through colors while making maths fun ! Universally loved, Number and Quantity Custom Card has potential to breathe new animated life into your standard mathematics lessons . Add this to your teaching arsenal today !

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