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Number Mats 1-100 to Build A Number

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About This Product

Get students excited about learning numbers 1-100 with these hands-on number mats! This math activity uses different kinds of manipulatives or craft supplies to build each number mats for a hands-on approach to practice number recognition and formation.

What is Included:

  • There is one mat for each number from one to one-hundred.

Ways to use these mats:

  • Students can use pouch tops to build each number.

  • Students can use cotton balls or pom poms to create each number.

  • Students can stick stickers in each circle to fill in each number.

  • Students can use bingo dabbers to make each number.

  • Students can use mini erasers to fill in each number.

  • Students can use stamps to put one stamp inside each circle.

Any small manipulative will work in filling each mat. Laminate the mats to create a more durably and reusable math activity. These mats make a great fine motor activity for preschoolers and kindergartners who are learning to recognize numbers up to 100.

Turn the Mats into a Game!

To make these mats a game, provide students with a die. The students will roll the die and, then the students will add the correct number of manipulatives to the number mat until they build the entire number.

Where to Use:

  • Math Centers - Simply place the mats and manipulatives in a math center for students to complete alone or with a partner.

  • Morning Tubs or Baskets - Place these mats in a morning bin for students to complete as their classmates arrive to class.

  • Quiet Time Activity - These mats can be used during a quiet time for students who do not nap, helping them stay engaged while their peers sleep.

These number 1-100 mats are a no prep option for teachers to put in their literacy centers. The teacher simply needs to add the desired manipulatives that students will use to complete the mats.

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