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Number Sense Poster Mats BUNDLE

An educational teaching resource from WORDS ASIDE entitled Number Sense Poster Mats BUNDLE downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Number Sense Poster Mats BUNDLE

The Number Sense Poster Mats BUNDLE is a tried-and-true teaching resource that assists in the development of vital math skills and number sense concepts for students, specifically those within the range of preschool up to 1st grade. It consists of six books filled with poster mats designed to engage learners' interest in an interactive way.

  • Each book concentrates on numbers from 1 to 10, with one focusing on numbers from 1 to 9.

  • The designs are charming and engaging, like robots, space themes, monsters, dinosaurs and two Halloween versions.

  • Included are finger-counting images; domino images; symbols representing numerical goals—all designed for multisensory learning.

This can be used as classroom decorations or bulletin board displays or printed off as task cards for hands-on center activities. A black and white option is included along with vibrant color versions, giving good variability when needed—for whole group presentations or small group workstations.
The standard A4 size ensures sufficient visibility during collective activities too.

Ideal For Innovative Educators:

This package offers multiple options—conclusions can spur a curiosity about numbers even as detailed practical guides can be used during activity times. Utilizing markers, playdough - even stickers - go a long way toward enhancing children's tactile experiences ultimately resulting in long term memory retention off numerical facts.
Contained within this package are sixty PDF pages. This curated bundle encourages fun while ensuring tangible learning happens amidst it all!

59 PDF pages of number sense poster cards with fun figures .

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