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Number Sorting and Matching for Numbers 1-10

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

Building number sense through hands-on exploration is key in early childhood math. These Number Sorting and Matching activities allow kids to concretely connect numeral symbols, quantities and representations in an engaging way.

This set includes 10 colorful number boards numbered 1-10. Each board has space to place the matching image cards - dienes, numicon pieces, dice, cubes, and counting fingers cards numbered 1-10.

By sorting and matching the images to the correct numeral, students reinforce the symbolic, quantity and visual relationships. The tactile experience helps cement foundational number concepts. Kids will gain intuition for relative magnitude as they see that numbers with more dots or cubes are greater.

The versatile activities can be used in small groups, centers and whole class instruction. Teachers can assess understanding of numerals, counting skills and number relationships. Students will love the hands-on practice manipulating the pieces!

Providing concrete ways for students to explore numbers sets them up for math success. This Number Sorting and Matching set is a must-have for reinforcing essential number sense. Early childhood educators will love having these durable, versatile math manipulatives!

For continues use i recommend laminating the boards and cards and then using velcro to place them.

The clipart images are courtesy of Arty Clips Graphics.

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