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Occupational Therapy Reading Writing Support Cards 1

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About This Product

Occupational Therapy Reading Writing Support Cards 1 .

This is a series of resources to help you promote your students' reading and writing performance growth from an Occupational Therapy point of view .

It focusses on ensuring Visual Perception Skills practice for early readers and writers .

The goal is that students are able to visually recognise, read and write all the letters of the English alphabet, presented in various contexts, forms and formats :

  • visual figure ground alphabet letters flash cards .

  • visual form constancy alphabet letters flash cards .

  • visual closure alphabet letters flash cards .

Each resource includes lowercase and uppercase ( or capital ) letters versions and is suitable for Kindergarten students and 1st graders, or even anyone learning the English alphabet, regardless of age or language origin .

You can print them, cut them and laminate them to have forever as a "go to" material file or print and use them as cut and paste or writing worksheets ( when teaching each letter or when you want to create task cards or letter combination exercises, for your centers and work stations ) .

Keep them as a digital file on your devices for screen viewing or distance learning as well .

Occupational Therapy Reading Writing Support Cards 1 focusses on presenting figure ground letters . There are are six ( 6 ) cards on each page with a variety of backrounds ( textures and patterns ), in black & white and color formats . The figure remains the same ( either lowercase or capital letter ) .

There are 108 pages in the pdf file ( including figure free templates with just the backgrounds to use as you wish ) .

It is of great importance that we include Visual Perception materials and practices in our everyday teaching, as this assists our students to achieve their milestone goals easier and thoroughly . Find many more resources like this on WORDS ASIDE .

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