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Oceans Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

An educational teaching resource from My Kind of Crazy entitled Oceans Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Product in Discussion: Oceans Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed

The Oceans Adapted Book Slide Deck for Special Ed is a highly interactive and detailed tool, tailored to deliver engaging science lessons about oceans. It is particularly benefecial for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade learners and those enrolled in special education programs.

Resource Composition:
  • This digital resource comprises an 11-slide adapted book.
  • Each slide offers fascinating information on oceans - a perfect blend of enjoyment and comprehensive learning.
  • Vocabulary exercises and "wh" reading comprehension questions flank every slide's informational content.

A standout feature is the No-Prep design. Teachers can present these slides right off-the-bat without needing additional materials or prior preparation. The overall complexity of the content ranges from basics to more advanced topics - providing smoothed learning progression.

Potential Use-Cases:

Educators could use this adaptive teaching aid in any classroom setting.

  1. Instructive Lessons: This deck provides an excellent starting point during full-course lessons about oceans.
  2. Group Discussions/Study Circles: As a centerpiece for group discourses or as homework that encourages individual exploration at home followed by group discussions can easily utilize this resource.
Another potential role includes supplementing other lesson plans or filling knowledge gaps effectively. This versatile tool comes as a Google Slide but remains highly compatible with PowerPoint enabling easy accessibility across different educational platforms. To summarize, the Oceans Adapted Book Slide Deck serves as an effective educational cornerstone, aiding teachers in building foundational ocean-related knowledge amongst students besides being adaptable and user-friendly to the utmost.

What's Included

PowerPoint formatted for Google Slide as well

Resource Tags

interactive learning science education adapted book vocabulary enhancement reading comprehension

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