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Olympics Medal Count Graphing Display & Digital Activity

Olympics Medal Count Graphing Display & Digital Activity
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Olympics Medal Count Graphing Display & Digital Activity: A Comprehensive Teaching Tool

This is a fantastic tool for educators teaching mathematics - specifically graphing - to students in grades 1 through 5. It can be used effectively in both public schools and homeschool setups.

Dynamic Instructional Resource

  • Utilizes data from Summer or Winter Olympic games between 2018 to 2024
  • Lets teachers construct engaging bar graphs or pictographs featuring selected countries participating in specific games
  • Offers the possibility to update graphs daily with fresh medal counts, providing students with real-time stats and the practical application of graphing skills

Inclusive of Various Elements for Depth and Clarity:

This resource goes beyond mere data representation; it includes various elements that make teaching richer and clearer. These elements are:

  1. Country Labels: Included for either chosen graph style (bar or pictograph)

  2. Olympic Medals Cut-outs: Gives life to pictographs! They come as Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals but also include black-and-white outlines suitable for color printing.

Digital Adaptability:

Newly Updated! As of 2021,, this package now has a digital version compatible with Google Slides. This feature extends your reach, letting you engage learners through physical as well as digital mediums!

Your curriculum needs an upgrade? Bring life into your lessons by applying this unique solution that turns learning into an enjoyable adventure based on Olympic sports themes! Solidify their understanding about graphing concepts all within an exciting new context!

What's Included

a pdf with a link to the digital activity and everything you need to set up a graphing display

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