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Data and Graphs Math Interactive Notebook (Virginia SOL 3.15)

An educational teaching resource from SchoolingSara entitled Data and Graphs Math Interactive Notebook (Virginia SOL 3.15) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

This product covers the 2016 Virginia (VA) Standards of Learning (SOL) 3.15: The student will a) collect, organize, and represent data in pictographs or bar graphs; and b) read and interpret data represented in pictographs and bar graphs

(note that this will also work for the 2023 VA SOL 3.PS.1: The student will apply the data cycle (formulate questions; collect or acquire data; organize and represent data; and analyze data and communicate results) with a focus on pictographs and bar graphs)

It contains notes pages on reading, creating, and understanding bar graphs and pictographs (picture graphs). It also has notes pages on collecting data, answering questions based on data, and tally charts.

There are practice pages for each topic, with an answer key included.

The notes pages come in two sizes. The first size is a full-page size. You can print them as-is, or you can print them two to a pages. This is what I do as it saves on paper and the sheets will fit in a notebook. The second size is formatted to fit on a standard composition notebook page.

Additionally, there are two links included in the pdf: one which opens a digital version of the notes, and another that opens a slide show version, optimized for a projector or interactive board. In both cases, which you click the link, you will be prompted to make a copy, which you can then use with Google Slides or download and use with Keynote or PowerPoint.

What's included?

vocabulary notes pages

creating and reading a pictograph notes page

creating and reading a bar graph note pages

tally charts and tally marks notes page

how to collect data note page

creating and reading charts and tables notes page

answering questions about graphs

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