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Math > Order Of Operations | Grade 5, 6, 7 | Curriculums

Order of Operations | Lesson and Activities

Order of Operations | Lesson and Activities
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Grade 5, 6, 7

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About This Product

Order of Operations | Lesson and Activities: An Essential Teaching Resource

Order of Operations | Lesson and Activities is a quintessential educational tool that crystallizes the learning process when understanding Order of Operations. This meticulously crafted curriculum aligns perfectly with Grade 5, 6, and 7 students ensuring ease in understanding the key concepts.

Diverse Modes Of Instruction

Able to be seamlessly integrated into both traditional classroom settings or online learning scenarios, its primary function is to provide a foundational grasp over Order of Operations. Adaptable for Google Slides and PowerPoint, this resource offers teachers versatility based upon their instructional needs or preferences.

Vivid Visual Aesthetics

The inclusion of vibrant visuals creates an engaging learning atmosphere which aids comprehension substantively. Accessibly designed, mathematical concepts are brought to life , lighting up interest in learners while facilitating memory retention efficiently.

Incorporated Exercises

A unique feature is the incorporation up to twenty practical tasks. These exercises afford opportunities for students to apply acquired information while enabling real-time measurement of student engagement levels by educators.

  • Rigorous Alignment With Common Core Standards:
  • This product strictly adheres to CCSS.5.OA.A1 (Grade 5) & CCSS.6.EE.A1 (Grade 6), providing reassurance for tutors seeking pedagogical resources that conform closely with approved educational standards.
  • Broad-Based Utility:
  • Whether applied during full class instruction sessions or used within smaller group discussions-its use extends into individual study periods-and even as homework tasks tailored according to level appropriateness. Itholds steadfast in its objective; propelling efficient pedagogy through optimized learning experiences, bolstering the confidence of budding mathematicians as they accurately carry out math equations using the correct operation orders.

In summary, Order Of Operations | Lesson And Activitiesis an exemplary simplification tool enhanced with in-depth lessons; unique instructional materials worth integrating into teaching methodologies for boosting students' academic growth.

What's Included

Teacher Presentation in both Google Slides and PowerPoint that provides colorful visuals illustrating concepts along with examples and 20 exercises.




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