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Parent Handout About Homework Tips For Tweens (Grades 3rd-5th)

Parent Handout About Homework Tips For Tweens (Grades 3rd-5th)
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About This Product

Parent Handout About Homework Tips For Tweens (Grades 3rd-5th)

This handout is designed as a valuable resource for educators, meeting the need to help parents understand their role in their child's homework. It offers straightforward and relevant information presented on a two-sided sheet that is ready to print and distribute.

Top Ten Tips

This guide provides the top ten useful tips aimed at parents of students in grades 3 - 5. These suggestions empower parents by equipping them with practical ways to support their tween’s academic success, especially during the ever-important homework hours. It carries references at its end for further parental exploration.

Ways To Use This Guide

This can be used as a:

  • Handy guide during parent-teacher conferences
  • Distributed at back-to-school nights
  • Emailed home as part of a routine homework reminder or newsletter

In small groups where peer support plays an essential role, this guidance equips all households in contributing towards common academic goals.

About The Subject Matter .

The discrete subject matter dealt with qualifies it under Special Resources in Life Skills, making it an invaluable add-on for both conventional classrooms and homeschool environments. Big achievements often start from basic life skills which include the ability to manage assignments efficiently.

Inclusion and Accessibility .

To ensure wide accessibility irrespective of infrastructure availability or technological prowess across households, this handout is available as easy-to-handle PDF worksheets – easily printed out year after year for continual use.


No matter when this handout reaches them--be it fall or later--parents will appreciate these pointers are aimed not just at student success but also at fostering stronger bonds between school and home.

What's Included

2 page PDF to print out for parents.

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