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Passport Series: Eastern Europe and Russia

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

The Passport Series: Eastern Europe and Russia

An essential teaching resource, The Passport Series: Eastern Europe and Russia provides a comprehensive study of over 50 countries across seven continents including North America to Australia. This eight-book series delivers a global adventure right in your classroom.

Appropriate for Various Educational Settings

Designed for grades 5 through 9, this resource is valuable not only for public school classrooms but also works well in homeschooling scenarios.

Diverse Learning Experience

  • Social Studies + Geography: In-depth exploration into these disciplines allows students to understand these regions beyond just surface-level knowledge.
  • Cross-Curricular Reinforcement: Replicable reinforcement pages enable detailed exploration of the subjects.
  • Bonus Content: Supplementary activities, regional recipes, dynamic games complement regular lessons while adding depth to learning experience.

Versatile Usage Opportunities

The Passport Series can be utilized as whole group instruction or cater equally well to small group sessions. For further support at home or additional practice, parts of it can be given out as homework assignments.

Vivid Visuals + Engaging Activities = Immersive Learning Experience!

Coupling high-quality pictures with appealing illustrations ensure that students feel like they’re virtually travelling around Eastern Europe and Russia themselves! Multiple extension activity options provide flexibility in tailoring lessons according to differing student needs.
  Through fact-filled texts and hands-on fun exercises, geographical barriers are dissolved offering an inclusive tool that integrates world learning smoothly within any lesson set-up.
    So if you're seeking resources that stimulate curiosity about the globe plus offer cross-curricular study openings, make Passport Series: Eastern Europe And Russia your ideal choice!

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