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PE Manipulative Skills Series: Underhand Tossing Task Cards

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About This Product

PE Manipulative Skills: Underhand Tossing Task Cards is a physical education teaching resource designed to help students practice and improve their underhand tossing skills. This resource includes 24 task cards with clear instructions and images to guide students as they perform various underhand tossing challenges and activities. Teachers may implement these task cards in a variety of ways. Students can work through the cards individually for independent practice. Teachers can also set up small group circuit stations where groups of students rotate through various tossing tasks. Additionally, teachers can project the task cards and lead the whole class through each activity together. With multiple implementation options, this resource provides flexibility for teachers to support their students in developing strong underhand tossing technique.

What's Included

12-page PDF

24-page PDF

24-slide PowerPoint

24 JPG files

Resource Tags

underhand tossing physical education task cards manipulative skills exercise

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