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PE Manipulative Skills Series: Volleying Task Cards

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About This Product

PE Manipulative Skills: Volleying Task Cards Use these 24 task cards to help students practice and improve their volleying skills. The cards provide a variety of volleying challenges that students can complete individually, in small groups, or as a full class. Assign specific cards for students or groups to complete in a stations format, or display them on a projector for the whole group to follow together. The task cards target hand-eye coordination as students volley a ball against a wall and with a partner. Adjust difficulty by increasing distance or adding multiple objects into play. These open-ended movement activities offer a creative way to build competency with manipulative skills that will translate across many sports and activities. Print the versatile task cards 1 or 2 per page to use in whatever way works best for your physical education program.

What's Included

12-page PDF

24-page PDF

24-slide PowerPoint

24 JPG files

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physical education task cards manipulative skills volleyball fitness

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