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Phonic Spelling Programme Level 1 Ages 7+

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About This Product

This is a Phonic spelling programme. Not only will it teach a child to spell, but also to write. Just add a good handwriting programme.

The spelling programme can be used with all ages from 5 to 99, however, if used with a young learner I strongly advise using the programme to teach both reading and spelling at the same time. See the website for more information and resources to teach young children.

The spelling programme can be used:

  1. with children who have learnt to read, but need a spelling/writing programme

  2. with children who have tried another phonic programme and not made much progress

  3. with a special needs child who needs a very structured approach to learning

  4. by home educators

  5. by parents wishing to help their child at home

About the programme

The programme is very flexible and can be made to fit the child, rather than the child to fit the programme.

Being highly structured, each new lesson builds on the one before, constantly revising the previously taught material

The spelling programme will take 41 weeks to teach.

One new sound is taught each week.

What is included?

  1. The teacher's manual with full lesson plans and helpful teaching tips

  2. A list of the keywords for each lesson with the phonic sound highlighted - for practice and revision

  3. 39 spelling worksheets

  4. The Reading Made Simple Phonic flashcards

  5. The Odd Word flashcards

About the worksheets

The worksheets use time-honoured exercises to help pupils to become familiar with the new sound and revise previously taught ones.

They include such exercises as tracking the new sound in words, proofreading as well as comprehension questions. Children generally find them fun because they are so easy due to the way learning is structured throughout the programme.

More information

If you would like more information about the spelling programme, then please visit the Reading Made Simple website.

The same programme and set of worksheets can also be used to help an older child read, one who has some phonic knowledge but needs the gaps filled in a systematic manner.

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