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Pinterest Template (Editable on Google Slides)

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Social Skills

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Pinterest Template (Editable on Google Slides)

This educational tool provides a fun and modern approach to instruction. The Pinterest Template (Editable on Google Slides) is an interactive resource that teachers can use to engage their students in a variety of subjects, from special resources to social skills. It's compatible with the popular Google Classroom platform and comes in both printable PDF format and as an editable Google Slides document.

The uniqueness of this tool lies in its ability to mimic social media platforms that resonate with today’s learners. The Pinterest template has been designed so students can easily add text and pictures without altering or deleting the locked-in background design.

Included are three distinct Pinterest board templates; each available in two styles - full size or with text boxes:
  • Ideal for whole group lessons,
  • Perfect for small group tasks,
  • Suitable for individual work or homework assignments.

With this dynamic template, learning activities become flexible as they can be tailored according to your teaching objectives or student needs. Students may use it for creating character analysis boards from their favorite books, showcasing quotes from famous authors, presenting facts about historical figures — even compiling images related to specific geographic regions.

In a science class setting:
  1. The template serves as an organized space where students can document their research findings – adding images underlining scientific phenomena or quoting renowned scientists’ theories and discoveries.
  2. The completed project doesn't need be lost – every student has capability not only present it but also save picture their 'Pinterest' board reference later!
The versatility of this teaching resource makes it an excellent addition to any educator's toolkit – promoting creativity engagement while prioritising content comprehension retention.

So why wait? Make learning more exciting with the Pinterest Template (Editable on Google Slides)!

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Pinterest template

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