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About This Product

Place Value Build Resource

An engaging tool for students learning place value in a small group or center activity. This interactive math game takes a hands-on STEM approach, offering valuable practice for learners who need to count tens and ones to create numbers up to 99.

Set-Up Process

The set-up process is quite simple with easy-to-follow instructions: Print the recording sheet and put it in a page protector, then print, cut, and laminate the cards. For gameplay, each student should have their recording sheet with dry erase marker and base ten blocks - ensuring they have no more than nine of each block type.

Differentiated Resources included

  • Tens and ones recording sheet designed for dry erase action (with optional expanded form sections).

  • Hundreds, tens, and ones recording sheet also made for dry erase use (with optional added sections showcasing expanded/written form options).

  • Total of 24 colorful building task cards; also available in black-and-white.

  • Paper-and-pencil versions of all our provided sheets have been included alongside their dry erase counterparts too.

This product can easily complement existing curriculum materials by supporting learner’s understanding of number sense at varying levels—from preschool through grade three. Mathematical skills such as Place Value are pivotal foundations that underpin more advanced work; give your learners that extra advantage by incorporating this tool into your teaching arsenal.

Incorporate self-directed learning while fostering interest in STEM subjects – make math fun again with our dynamic Place Value Build!

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