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Plants - Pollination to Germination - Flowering Plant Life Cycle

An educational teaching resource from Elf off the Shelf Resources entitled Plants - Pollination to Germination - Flowering Plant Life Cycle downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Plants - Pollination to Germination - Flowering Plant Life Cycle

An all-inclusive teaching resource designed for middle school educators. This resource is structured around an interactive PowerPoint presentation, covering salient aspects of the life cycle of flowering plants, from pollination through germination.

  • Pollination: Detailed explanation on self-pollination and cross-pollination and comparisons of flowers that are pollinated by insects and wind.
  • Fertilization: Understanding how fertilization occurs within a flower.
  • The Concept of 'Fruit':The complexity associated with the concept is simplified with suitable instances given to foster understanding.
  • Seed Dispersal: Essential discussion on types of seed dispersal (wind, exploding pods, animal involvement and water) along with significance in reducing competition between plants.
  • Germination:A thorough explanation how seeds germinate completing the plant lifecycle.
Besides explaining these core concepts,
abstract integration includes engaging activities that augment student understanding while enhancing literacy and speech skills.
  • An array of 15 printable worksheets for individual or group assignments encompassing:
    1. 'Flip-it' exercises whereby students draft their questions.
    2. Foldable note-making resources for personal use or homework tasks.
    3. Cut-and-stick activity sheets ensuring hands-on engagement while synthesizing exercise outcomes.
Prominent importance
, is also accorded to peer-assessment through provision for answer/mark scheme PowerPoint detailing answers thus serving as perfect reference material during either group study or home-learning sessions.

Unique standout features include:

  1. A package of 12 Taboo cards functioning as engaging yet productive language reinforcing tools.
  2. The provision for pupil progress self-assessment checkbox allowing easy tracking of individual's performance parameters across suitable timeframes.

This resource designed to be adaptable to student-specific requirements and individual grade levels (6-9), comes with a lesson plan specifying implementation approach, may it be for larger groups or smaller learning sets. A specifically dedicated segment encapsulates the entire plant life-cycles starting from pollination and culminating in germination. All instructions are conveniently located on the PowerPoint making this a practical, time-efficient tool for busy educators.

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