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Play A Game Of Three In A Row With Lower Case Letters (4-7 years)

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Product Title: Play A Game Of Three In A Row With Lower Case Letters (4-7 years)

This teaching resource, titled "Play A Game Of Three In A Row With Lower Case Letters" is a delightful addition to any early learning classroom, homeschool environment, or kindergarten space. Tailored specifically for children between the ages of 4 and 7, this fun tool will aid learners on their journey toward literacy by making lower-case alphabet letters an interactive adventure.

Specifically designed for early learners in preschool to grade 1 level studies, this resource focuses on the fundamental Language Arts subject of Phonics. It offers a hands-on approach that aids in developing both reading and writing skills through a playful format that keeps students invested.

Main features:

  • Easily accessible PDF format with eight pages of content available for use
  • Traditional card-playing strategies to heighten interest.
  • Versatile system - it can be adapted according to teaching needs or student capabilities.

The game's mechanics are simple - lay all the cards face down and have players take turns picking up the cards they need until someone gets three matching gems in a row.

The advantage:

    The advantage of such a versatile system is clear - it can be used as an interactive whole-group activity or assigned as individual homework tasks – learning continues outdoors or indoors with guaranteed fun and creativity.

    Benefits of using this resource:

    • Learners build their alphabet familiarity while applying strategic thinking skills.
    • Promotes proactive learning which is key during these formative years
    • Play strengthens literacy development subtly - perfect for young children just starting out on their educational journey.

    "Play A Game Of Three In A Row With Lower Case Letters" promises not just instruction but also engagement—the foundation stone towards fostering lifelong learners who see education as enjoyable rather than daunting—a true asset every educator should have handy!

What's Included

8 pages

Resource Tags

lower case letters phonics literacy development interactive learning early learners

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