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Positive Affirmation Bingo Counseling Self Esteem Activity

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About This Product

This counseling game will spice up your self-esteem lessons and help students learn to love themselves! This Positive Affirmations Bingo Game is perfect for engaging your students in your counseling sessions while practicing different types of positive affirmations! 

This self-esteem game is the perfect counseling activity for any elementary level lesson. With 29 different affirmations, students will have a chance to review different affirmations while getting to play a classic game with a fun twist!

But what's the twist for this classic counseling game? Any time a student has the affirmation on their board, they have to say it out loud! This will help them practice saying different affirmations to themselves, while building positive internal dialogue.

This bingo game also includes 30 bingo cards with different types of grids (3x3, 4x4, 5x5)  to support students with different skill levels, attention spans, and grade levels! This counseling game even includes an ink-friendly version in case you can't print in color!

What is Included:

  • 10 Bingo Cards in 3x3 format

  • 10 Bingo Cards in 4 x4 format

  • 10 Bingo Cards in 5 x 5 format

  • 29 Different Positive Affirmations

  • Ink-Friendly Version of the bingo game

Why Is It A Must-Have?:

  • Helps students identify & practice different positive statements

  • Helps to promote positive self-esteem

  • Increases engagement in your sessions

  • Perfect For Different Types of Learners

  • Perfect for different grade levels

Some Ideas for Use Are:

  • Individual Lessons

  • Small Groups

  • Whole Class Lessons

  • Intervention Groups

  • Morning Meeting Groups

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