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Color By Code Positive Affirmations | Self Esteem Activity Pack

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About This Product

Color By Code Positive Affirmations | Self Esteem Activity Pack

This unique product combines the love for coloring with positive affirmations, designed to boost self-confidence in students. Celebrating a circus-theme, it puts a fun twist on color-by-number activities.

Unique Features

  • A blend of conventional color-by-number activities and positive affirmations.
  • 66 different positive affirmation embedded across nine Easter pictures.
  • An answer key accompanying each picture for seamless guidance in these activities.
Pedagogical Utilization:
These resources are supportive of individual cognitive growth, emotional resilience building within small groups and reinforce coping mechanisms as a whole class. It's also an excellent calming strategy during SEL morning meetings or as 'busy binder' independent work for early finishers}.
A Wide Spectrum of Application:
This activity pack not only serves 1-3 grade classrooms focusing on subjects like social-emotional learning and life skills but can also be effectively employed within counseling sessions outside the traditional learning environment.

An Innovative Learning Approach

Students engage creatively with art while developing an emotional vocabulary that aids them in understanding and expressing their feelings better—thus fostering both personal and academic growth—all this while enjoying themselves!

The Color By Code Positive Affirmations | Self Esteem Activity Pack is available digitally in PDF format—today's practical solution towards nurturing happier children!

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