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Positive and Negative Emotions Scales

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About This Product

Positive and Negative Emotions Scales: An Effective Teaching Resource

The Positive and Negative Emotions Scales is a teaching resource devised specifically for assisting students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. The purpose of this resource is to help students recognize and comprehend a wide range of emotions. This tool proves particularly useful for educators looking for comprehensive methods to teach life skills.

Focusing on Emotional Understanding

Grasping the complexity and shades of emotions can be a daunting task for children. With this in sight, the Positive and Negative Emotions Scales aim to effectively aid children in dealing with these challenges. It helps those who struggle distinguishing positive feelings amidst overwhelming negatives or accurately identifying when they are undergoing negative emotions.

This teaching resource ensures that by helping children differentiate between positive and negative feelings, understand differences, physical sensations, vocal cues etc., their understanding could be greatly enhanced aiding them in navigating their emotional landscapes better.

What’s included?

  1. A 29-page package: You'll find educational materials encompassing both Positive Emotional scales (four diverse styles each) & Negative Emotional scales
  2. Versatility: All resources available both in color as well as black & white versions - catering to versatile uses
  3. Bonus feature:: We've added fun Cut & Paste words along with arrows promising an immersive hands-on learning beyond worksheets!

The Positive and Negative Emotion Scales provides efficient function across various settings - group tasks or solo homework assignments alike. Whether you're steering discussions on feelings within a larger student assembly or nurturing emotional literacy one-on-one - this tool delivers.

A Comprehensive Classroom Aid

In its essence, this multi-faceted tool serves not just as a part of a behavior management plan, but also does wonders as an instructive visual demonstrator that facilitates useful classroom discussions on emotions.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 29 Pages

Positive Emotions

4 Styles of Color Scales

4 Styles {same as color version} of Black & White Scales

Negative Emotions

4 Styles of Color Scales

4 Styles {same as color version} of Black & White Scales


Cut and Paste Words


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