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Positivity Journal

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About This Product

Life’s daily ups and downs profoundly shape children’s still-developing inner worlds. Nurturing positive psychology habits early builds emotional resilience to overcome future challenges. This encouraging fill-in-the-blank journal steers students towards optimistic thinking and gratitude practice with simple yet powerful daily writing prompts.

Designed as motivational minutes for the classroom or at home before bed, journaling sessions cultivate consistent reflections on good moments from the day however small. Sections include:

  • Today I have been feeling (with a variety of emotions faces to hoose from)

  • Today I felt proud when

  • Today would have been better if

  • A funny thought i had today was

  • Today i enjoyed

Tapping feel-good moments amidst routine life quietly trains young minds to filter troubles and fixate on the hopeful. Uplifting comments and doodles from teachers or parents beside entries boost positivity. Over time, focusing on blessings over burdens becomes habit, strengthening inner resolve.

Simple positivity journaling pays exponential dividends long-term equipping children to shoulder life’s inevitable challenges. Planting seeds of optimism bears fruit boosting wellbeing and self-confidence sustaining even difficult seasons ahead.

A kids' positivity journal aims to instill a positive outlook on life, boost self-esteem, and provide a safe and enjoyable space for children to express themselves. Through consistent use, these journals can contribute to the development of healthy habits related to gratitude, optimism, and emotional well-being.

Included in this resource are 19 PDF printable pages

The wonderful and eye catching clipart images are courtesy of Kari Bolt Clip Art

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