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Self Care Journal, Mindfulness Journal, SEL Journal for Kids

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About This Product

Self Care Journal, Mindfulness Journal, SEL Journal for Kids

An engaging, interactive teaching resource expressly designed to foster social emotional learning (SEL). This journal focuses on helping students comprehend the essence of self-care and its importance for their well-being.

Main Features:
  • Exciting activities
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Thought-provoking writing prompts
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Health-promoting practices
Packed with versatile applications, this journal serves as a collective tool in group classrooms or as individual work material.

This resource promotes taking care of oneself physically, emotionally mentally and socially from ages Grade 3 through Grade 9. Students can use it during formal lessons or counseling sessions; even homeschoolers will find it notably beneficial.

Featuring colorful graphics throughout except on special mindful coloring pages where children are encouraged to enhance pages with their creativity using colors.

Fostering Activities:
The emphasis is placed in enhancing different aspects of self-care:
  • Social Self-Care
  • Physical Self-Care
  • Emotional Self-Care

The journals consist tracking mood over every month along with reflective questions by the end empowering students' overall sense of wellness. Teachers will find resources highly interactive fostering environment that champions positivity gratitude appreciation .

Moreover personal spaces - daily weekly monthly self care plans positive affirmation posters present allowing kids create affirmations worksheet mindfulness poster mindful senses worksheets gratitude worksheets scavenger hunt related worksheet have been added value overall learning experience offering extensive depth scope aspects covered journal includes completion five sort affirmation coloring posters As rich utility-based resource educators working speech language pathology special education anyone interested teaching emotions students this Self-Care Mindfulness Journal proves valuable tool making learning complete fulfilling endeavor. Whether use classroom or distance learning incorporation resource will surely beneficial student’s journey towards better understanding their emotions social skills at large. Access to PDF file type of this wonderful journal ensures ease of handling and usage for teachers across different platforms.

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