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Anxiety and Calming Strategies Bingo

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Anxiety can be difficult for children to manage and express. This “Anxiety Bingo” game provides a unique outlet for kids to identify calming strategies that work for them when feelings of worry start to swell. With simple yet versatile bingo boards, it allows children to actively try different relaxation techniques to ease anxiety.

The bingo boards have a standard 3x3 layout with 9 different soothing strategies listed, like taking deep breaths, getting a drink of water, hugging a stuffed animal, positive self talk, or writing down your feelings. Children can use the given calming strategies or they can make their own custom bingo board and write down things that help them feel better.

Once the child tries a technique, they mark it off on their bingo board. The goal is to get 3 strategies in a row - just like regular bingo! This incentivizes them to keep practicing helpful skills. Having multiple boards on hand allows for replayability as well. Not only does this activity foster relaxation in the moment of anxiety, but over time it builds children's understanding of different ways to self-soothe. They learn constructive ways to independently cope with anxiety while having fun playing an engaging game. It’s anxiety support wrapped in a child-friendly bingo package!

This resource includes 3 different PDF bingo boards. One with calming strategies on it in color, one in black and white and one blank one.

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