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PowerPoint Slides – Digital Counting Task Cards - Sailboats

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Annie Jewell
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About This Product

PowerPoint Slides – Digital Counting Task Cards - Sailboats

A highly engaging teaching resource, specially designed to aid preschool and kindergarten level students in practicing counting skills using lively images of sailboats (with sets ranging from 0 to 10). The ability of the children to count the objects is greatly enhanced with this resource, which allows them to record their counts on answer sheets or a dry erase board.

The Digital Advantage & Usage
  • Digital format ensures easy projection on a SmartBoard or screen, eliminating any need for printing, cutting or laminating.
Purpose & Functionality
  • Fosters engaging group counting practice sessions with adjustable levels of difficulty based on individual student abilities.
  • Incorporates options for higher-level learners such as recording counts in number words instead of numerals.
Versatile Application Opportunities Including Differentiation
  1. The package includes differentiated Answer Sheets such as Add One, Add Ten or Double It answer sheets allowing further learning opportunities.

  2. This offering features a total of 11 task slides complemented by relevant answer keys and student answer sheets appealingly illustrated in vibrant colors.

  3. With differing options within its count recording avenues coupled with the varied extension possibilities offered; it stands as an effective tool tailored perfectly fit all student abilities.

An Excellent Review Tool:

This product can also be employed efficiently 'as quick assessments' besides routine counting skill reviews across everyday and seasonal themes making it evergreen and usable throughout the year.

Suited Across Educational Setups::

Perfect for use in public school environments as well as homeschooling setups; these digital counting task cards align harmoniously with best education practices ensuring maximum teaching utility.

What's Included

11 Task Cards

6 Answers Sheets

Answer Keys

Resource Tags

math counting task cards digital resource interactive

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