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Practise Writing A Balanced Argument In A Letter (9-14 years)

Practise Writing A Balanced Argument In A Letter (9-14 years)
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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

Practise Writing A Balanced Argument In A Letter is an invaluable teaching resource for educators working with students aged 9-14. This guide is perfect for public school teachers and homeschoolers alike, and its main focus is on developing students' critical writing skills.

Constructing a compelling argument

The primary objective of this resource is to teach students how to construct a persuasive discursive argument. By providing them with teaching skeletons and model answers, it helps them to learn how to structure their arguments effectively. They will understand the significance of stating a viewpoint, backing it up convincingly, forming an opposing counterargument after considering other viewpoints, and dismantling this counterargument - all while injecting their own personal thoughts.

Range of unique topics

A variety of one-of-a-kind topics that are suitable for pre-teens and teens are included in this resource. From debates about the closure of local facilities such as swimming pools or horse riding farms, to discussions about health-related social issues or fashion topics - there's something here that allows learners to engage deeper in different subjects while honing their argumentative abilities.
  • Persuasive organizational techniques: Students get a chance to familiarize themselves with techniques used in persuasive essays like using emotive language or repetition.
  • Vocabulary selection: The guide emphasizes on selecting the right vocabulary words.
  • Mechanics improvement:The package pays special attention encouraging correct usage of grammar fundamentals like spelling mechanics or punctuation.
Additional attributes include guiding pupils towards customizing content based on targeted reader types; acknowledging that writing differs depending upon who will be reading it enormously expands student comprehension levels about context-based effective communication. Model answers created by proficient authors are provided alongside sample texts which are bound to spark creativity among students, encouraging them to think outside the box and nurturing their unique tendencies. The collection also comes with practise questions that have been carefully curated to help students firmly grasp all learning points, giving them a competitive edge through improved grades. After all, as educators, we're more interested in promoting genuine improvement rather than merely aiming for higher scores! Appropriately enough, this resource can be used during lively group discussions where a variety of thoughts are being shared. It can also be used for smaller group activities where individual attention is beneficial or even set as homework tasks to facilitate ongoing independent learning. In conclusion, "Practise Writing A Balanced Argument In A Letter" is a comprehensive resource that marries theoretical learning with practical application perfectly.

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